Know the Rules and How to Play Online Casino BlackJack

Know the Rules and How to Play Online Casino BlackJack
Gambling in Indonesian society is very natural in this era of globalization, especially in the type of card gambling game which is played a lot by various age groups. Not only at a senior age in this card gambling game, it is also widely played by age groups who are still in school.
There are many types of card gambling games that are very popular with the Indonesian people, such as the game Capsa, QQ, Domino, Ceme, BlackJack, Poker, and so on with various regulations that have been made. Indeed, card games can make entertainment for all of us who love card gambling games.
Coupled with the existence of bets that will make the atmosphere even more tense which will stimulate your adrenaline and also your enthusiasm for this card gambling. Now you can play this type of card gambling online again without having to be afraid to be deceived. Because in your browser and search engine you can search for online gambling sites.
Overview of BlackJack and get to know the meaning of BlackJack itself
This time I will discuss about the existence of a card game that is often known by people as BlackJack or Two One. This game, which originated from the country of France, has recently been very popular among Indonesians played online.
Since the millennial era around 2000, the game of blackjack has become known to people through cyberspace. Since there was a virtual world that brought and introduced BlackJack, Indonesians often played it and used it to make a profit with this BlackJack gambling.
Rules in online blackjack gambling
As you all know, blackjack is a game which is a game using poker cards or playing cards and players are required to get and look for cards with a value of up to two to one. If a player gets two and one then that player can be declared the winner, unless the dealer or dealer gets the same points.
The regulations in blackjack are as follows

  1. Players who have entered the room or table place bets that will be placed in a circle in the middle of the table
  2. The dealer or dealer will distribute two face cards to the player, and also 1 face card and one face to the dealer himself
  3. If the player gets the first Ace card and also the second is worth ten (J, Q, K, 10) then the player gets blackjack and is paid 1.5 times the bet, unless the dealer also gets blackjack
  4. Players who have not received 21 can continue to add cards until they are close to 21 or even 21
  5. If the number of cards added exceeds 21 then the player loses
  6. The dealer must add more cards if the total is less than 16
  7. And the dealer can stay if the value is above 16